Assessment and Evaluation of Online Collaborative Writing

Student-Moderated Online Team Seminar – Evaluation

Team Members:
Seminar Title:
Seminar Dates:

Quality of Teamwork ( /5)

• Collaborated in a supportive, timely, and professional manner
• Shared the workload for revising [the first draft of the presentation]
• Achieved consensus on seminar-planning decisions
• Each took on one seminar role and handled it responsibly—or—all shared the three main roles in responsible and equitable ways

Seminar Process and Content ( /10)

• Introduced group members and outlined presentation
• Checked discussion to make sure the participants stayed focused on the issues
• Periodically summarized main contributions
• Ensured participants were civil
• Stimulated and encouraged participation if it began to lag
• Sought clarification from participants when necessary

• Posted a revised version of the presentation
• Posted a brief summary of the team’s position (maximum 150 words)
• Opened 2 – 3 well-focused questions/issues and invited comments
• Responded actively to comments

• Captured key points of the class discussion in a coherent paragraph
• Attempted to connect ideas and offer some overall conclusions
• Stayed within 250 words