Roles and Responsibilities During Online Collaboration: the Student

In an online collaborative writing assignment, project-related tasks for which students are responsible might include workload distribution, “internal” scheduling, content (research, drafting), organization and/or formatting, technological issues, presentation—and if applicable, facilitating discussions and assessing/implementing feedback.

Student comment:
Advice I would give to future teams: Have a specific goal right from the beginning and keep it simple; there is no need to try and encompass as much information as you can, the best presentations are clearly defined and are always kept simple; oh ya, one more thing, keep it simple.
~Arlen Kasdorf

Student comment:
My biggest suggestion to future teams is to start the project by deciding the categories within your presentation and dividing them up early into the term. Once the initial research and writing has been done, putting together the project, editing, and jazzing it up can be done without as much interaction required (and the closer you get to the end of the term, the less time you have for meetings!).